Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hot Wheels Target Red Edition Exclusives: Wave 1!

US department store chain, Target, is offering a series of 12 red, exclusive-to-Target Hot Wheels mainline vehicles throughout 2016. Here is wave 1 of the 12-car mainline subset 'red edition'. Complaints? I have no complaints about the cars. Red always looks good, especially on sports cars and muscle cars. Hot Wheels did a good job mixing up the different reds used on each car and casting choice is spot on. The '55 Bel Air Gasser is probably the hottest thing in diecast right now, the '14 Corvette Stingray is a real gem of a casting and one I collect, and when was a 2nd generation Pontiac Firebird ever a bad thing? Especially covered in flames.

While I have no complaints about the cars, I do have one major complaint about the Red Edition series. None of these 12 cars will be available outside of the US. Like most other promotions, including mail-ins and zamacs, these are a US only promotion. That's a bummer for us international folks. Hopefully one day Mattel includes more countries in its promotions. For now, enjoy the photos, and get out to Target if you're in the US, I've heard the 2nd wave is hitting soon!

Happy Collecting!!

A Trio of K&N Licensed Hot Wheels...

If you're a car guy/gal, or even remotely know someone who is a car person, you've probably heard of K&N. Famous for their aftermarket air filters and cold-air intakes, K&N has partnered with Hot Wheels to design some eye-catching liveries over the past few years. One of their color schemes even made it onto a Super Treasure Hunt!

While there are a number of Hot Wheels from the last few years that feature K&N liveries, these are 3 of my favorites. The '10 Ford Shelby GT500 features a fantastic deco scheme. It really is pleasing to the eye and proves that once in awhile busy decos are good decos. The '14 Corvette Stingray is a much cleaner deco and features traditional K&N orange and black. Finally, there's the 1972 Ford Gran Torino Super Treasure Hunt. The Torino is the kingpin of all K&N-inspired Hot Wheels decos. With Real Riders, Spectraflame powder blue and black rims, this one really pops!

What's your favorite K&N decorated Hot Wheels? Let me know in the comments below and enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!!