Friday, 6 January 2017

The 2017 HW Flames 5-Pack is Here and it's Smokin' Hot!

Mattel has already delivered four 2017 Hot Wheels 5-Packs to major retailers this year.

You can check out the HW Speed Graphics 5-Pack Here!

The second 2017 5-Pack is the HW Snow Stormers, which we reviewed here.

The 3rd 5-Pack of 2017 is the 'Track Builder' set. We won't be reviewing that one as there's nothing remotely realistic to justify an article. Hey, it's for the kids. The 4th 2017 5-Pack, the 'HW Flames' set, however, is a different story. This set is tailor made for collectors. Like last year's Hot Wheels Volkswagen 5-Pack, today's Flames set is all killer, no filler. It's difficult to find fault with any of the cars in this set.

Oftentimes, Hot Wheels releases a 5-Pack that's only worth buying for 1 single car. That's not the case here. I bet if you asked 5 different people what their favorite car in the set is, you'd get 5 different answers. For me, any of the top 3 could've won, but I have to give the nod to the '66 Chevy Nova. The dark green with light green flames and green windows is fantastic. It's a sharp little casting and looks perfect here. Second place is the '77 Dodge Van. I could've done without the florescent orange windows that are especially detracting with the large moonroof this casting features. However, this van is always fun regardless of the deco. The '65 Impala has the cleanest look of the bunch with a slick gold and white deco scheme. It takes 3rd place in my race.

The '67 Shelby GT500 is a poor casting in my opinion. It just looks wrong, especially next to some of the better Hot Wheels Mustang castings out there. But the deco is well executed and looks particularly mean in black. I'll place it 4th. The '69 Camaro convertible is the 'loser', if you can call it that. A 5-pack where a '69 Camaro is the worst car has to be good. There's nothing wrong with the Camaro, but I'm biased against convertibles and the color isn't overly inspiring. Not bad by any stretch, just not a standout either.

Enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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