Sunday, 8 January 2017

8 Underrated Hot Wheels JDM Castings! (Yes, Really...)

Yeah, I know. You don't hear 'Hot Wheels JDM' and 'underrated' in the same sentence very often these days. You're far more likely to hear 'overdone', 'overrated' or 'hyped' when talking to collectors about JDM. However, there are some JDM castings that get a lot more attention than others. While JDM as a whole is overrated, the Skylines, Supras and anything Datsun gets the lion's share of collector attention. That leaves a few JDM castings out there that don't get the love they deserve.

Here are the 8, in no particular order. Oh, and I know many of these aren't truly JDM, but since collectors slap that label on any Japanese car these days, I'm going to join in.

2010 Infiniti G37

Where speed meets luxury, the G37 is a realistic casting that always gets a clean deco scheme. It hasn't been released since 2013, and some variations are extremely rare. This is a Japanese car, but designed for the North American market. Not truly JDM, but it deserves some attention.

Honda S2000

Okay, maybe the S2K isn't underrated anymore. Since the recent Convention model a few months back, everything Hot Wheels S2K seems to be going up in price. Still, this is one of my favorite JDM castings yet and it's not part of the pantheon of Datsuns we're all crazy for.

Mazda RX-7

Mazda seems a little left out in the whole JDM craze. Datsun's got the Bluebirds, Nissan the Skylines, Toyota the Supras and Honda the Civics. Why isn't the RX-7 blowing up on eBay? I'm thankful it's not, because I can't get enough of this casting.

'12 Acura NSX Concept

This NSX isn't a stellar casting, but it's a good one. Sure it's overshadowed by the '90 and '17 NSXs Hot Wheels offers, but it's a well replicated concept car that deserves some love.

'70 Toyota Celica

This is the most underrated Hot Wheels JDM casting of all in my books. It's mad cool, vintage and exceptionally detailed. The scale is actually really close as well. If 510s are getting love for being old-school JDM, shouldn't the Celica?

'96 Nissan 180SX Type X

Like the S2K, this one is on the bubble of underrated and overrated. It hasn't got a ton of attention, but I'm guessing the first Super Treasure Hunt version of it we see will send it vaulting into legendary status.

Honda Monkey Z50

This thing is too dang cool. Give it some love!!

Toyota Corolla AE-86

The most legendary of all Corollas and a well executed Hot Wheels casting. This is another phenomenal JDM casting that needs a little more attention.

There are probably quite a few more Hot Wheels 'JDM' castings out there that are underrated. And I'm sure some of you will think a couple of my choices are overrated. And that's fair. Collecting is all about preference anyways. Let me know how you feel in the comments below!

Happy Collecting!!

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