Sunday, 29 January 2017

Chase vs. Regular: Greenlight 'Bobby's 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle'!

I stopped into Toys R Us last Tuesday afternoon. I had my car in for service and had a few minutes to kill, so I headed over to Toys R Us. I've cut way back on hunting lately, but anyhow, I ended up talking to one of the employees there. She noticed I was checking out the Greenlights and mentioned how she'd love to find one of the Supernatural Impalas. Turns out this employee was a hardcore Supernatural fan. She told me her and a few friends were headed to the Supernatural Convention in the US in a couple months. They have a convention for one TV show?! I haven't even watched a single episode.

While I'm not a Supernatural super-fan like the Toys R Us employee I ran into, I have a huge appreciation for the cars Greenlight has replicated from the show. While I have no knowledge of the TV show, I'm a bit of a nerd for the Greenlights that have resulted from it. I was able to share some info about upcoming Supernatural Greenlight releases with the TRU employee. There are some great cars from the show that are slated for the next few months, but for now, let's check out the coolest Supernatural-themed Greenlight yet: Bobby's 1971 Chevelle.

This Chevelle is mad cool in both regular and Green Machine form. The rusty/patina look and the dirty/primer look all in one model make for a fantastic release. Enjoy, and check out our last installment in the new 'chase vs. regular' series of posts!

Happy Collecting!!

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