Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Chase vs. Regular: Greenlight Gulf Racing 1967 Ford Mustang!

I'm starting up a new series of posts here at TWDR. If you're anything like me, I suspect you'll get a kick out of seeing a regular diecast car next to its chase-piece counterpart. What better way to roll out this new series than with the Gulf Racing-decorated 1967 Custom Ford Mustang from Greenlight collectibles?

Greenlight's chase cars are called 'Green Machines'. Green Machines feature some green component, whether it be tires, wheels, base color or body color. The green-bodied Green Machines are by far the nicest. It's far more realistic to see a green car than to see some other colored car with green tires. I think we can all agree on that.

While green-bodies are the elites of the Green Machine world, there are a few green-bodies that really stand out. This Gulf Ford Mustang is one of them. Part of the fun of this whole new chase vs. regular thing is that sometimes the standard model looks better than its chase counterpart. Even when eBay prices say otherwise. I thought for sure the Gulf Racing Mustang would be a perfect example of the regular-looks-better-than-the-chase phenomenon. How can a Gulf Racing car look better without Gulf Racing blue? Right?

Yet somehow this Green Machine pulls it off. I think a huge part of it is how well the orange lace rims contrast the green body. It somehow gives it a more vintage feel. Maybe it's because the Green Machine-green paint looks a little like British Racing Green (go easy on me, purists). Whatever it is, the Gulf Racing Mustang looks phenomenal in green. The details on the back end are fantastic as is the racing number '8'.

The regular Mustang is no slouch either. In fact, the standard issue Gulf Mustang is one of my favorite Ford Mustangs and favorite Gulf Racing cars in my collection. I'm not a huge Mustang fan per se, but I'm definitely not a hater either. There are some beautiful Mustangs out there, and a highly detailed '67 in Gulf Racing livery floats my boat.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more 'Chase vs. Regular' posts!

Happy Collecting!!

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