Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How Cool is Dale's 1973 (Greenlight) Winnebago Cheiftan?!

This thing is cool. Yeah, I'm struggling to come up with a better adjective right now, even though this Walking Dead-licensed '73 Chieftain probably deserves a flashier descriptor. I'm nerding out big time over this Winnebago. I haven't started watching The Walking Dead yet either, (I know, I'm behind the times) so I can imagine what this piece does for you Walking Dead diehards. Don't worry, a Netflix binge is impending, but in the meantime I'll nerd out over Greenlight's replica of a beat-up, old RV from AMC's heavy hitting zombie series.

Walking Dead licensing or not, a 1973 Winnebago Chieftan in true 1/64 scale and immaculately detailed for about $15 US is a dream-come-true for a 1/64 scale nut and vintage RV fan like myself. The Chieftan is a new casting for Greenlight, and boy, does it deliver. It joins the 1986 and 2016 Fleetwood Bounders in Greenlight's RV arsenal. While the 1986 Bounder is extra-impressive, the details on the 1973 Chieftan are astounding. Bumper stickers, taillights, headlights, grilles, hooks, air conditioners, ventilation, ladders, bumpers, rims, a cracked windshield, and the list goes on. I don't know if a more detailed 1/64 piece exists. I'm sure it does, but I'm equally sure it doesn't exist at this price point. Enjoy the photos...

Happy Collecting!!

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