Thursday, 12 January 2017

Casting Up-to-Date: '76 Greenwood Corvette...

If you're anything like me, you're a diecast purist. You like realism, scale and licensed cars. Or do you? The most iconic Hot Wheels models tend to be a little on the wild side for a stock-is-best diecast nerd like myself. However, no matter how much I venerate the 'clean, stock look' I still find myself right beside the next guy, going ga-ga for Hot Wheels that are distinctly flashy and customized.

Think about the most iconic Hot Wheels models. You'll think of the Texas Drive 'Em, not the Ford F-250. Or the '55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser, not the '55 Chevy. The Datsun 510 Wagon isn't a stock grocery-getting Datsun. Hot Wheels' claim to fame is the Volkswagen Drag Bus, not a bone-stock people-moving VW like the one's Greenlight makes. The '76 Greenwood Corvette gets lots of attention, not so much the Corvette Stingray.

So why are these castings so much more iconic than their stock counterparts? Because it's what Hot Wheels is known for. From the start, they've been about taking real cars and giving them a 'coolified' custom look in diecast form. And while the '76 Greenwood Corvette is 100% real race car, it's also unique and distinctly 'Hot Wheels'. Something a little more than your average off-the-lot 3rd-gen. Vette.

Here are all 9 releases of the magnificent '76... Enjoy!

Road Racers - 2012

Mainline - 2013

Mainline - 2014

Super Treasure Hunt - 2014

Mail-In Car - 2015

Nationals Finale - 2015

Mainline - 2016

Mainline Recolor - 2016

ZAMAC - 2016

Group Shots

Happy Collecting!!

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