Friday, 27 January 2017

A Seriously Underrated Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt...

The 2013 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt '71 Dodge Demon got (and gets) a lot of flack from collectors. Many considered it the worst Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt of 2013. I strongly disagree. Not only is the '71 Demon Super Treasure Hunt a decent super, it's one of the nicer 2013 Super Treasure Hunts.

Don't get me wrong. A super is a super is a super is flawed logic. Not all Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts are created equal. The 2016 Nitro Doorslammer Super is a prime example of a Super Treasure Hunt that got a lot of flack and deserved it. The Demon is another Super that collectors ragged on, but it didn't deserve it.

It's hard to call the '71 Dodge Demon a bad super. The worst it could be accused of is mediocrity. But even mediocrity is an unfair assertion. Let's start with casting choice. The '71 Demon is very well done for a $1-generic Hot Wheels muscle car. Being a Demon, it's got a bit of a unique factor absent from say a Chevelle or Mustang Super. So it's a (sort of) unique casting choice. Next, up are the wheels. 5-spoke Real Riders are one of the nicest Real Rider styles in my books. They were overused for awhile back in 2006/07, but their return is welcome. Plus, Hot Wheels avoided redundancy by making the wheels black. The black provides a simultaneously unique and mean look.

What about the livery? To me, the teal color is fantastic. It's a beautiful color, and you almost never see it on a Hot Wheels car. Some might fault the deco for it's flames. Don't get me wrong, I'm just as sick of tacky flames as the next guy, but in white/yellow/green they perfectly accent the teal Spectraflame base. The black racing stripes on the hood and 'TH' logo on the rear quarter panels are the final touches that complete a suitable Super deco.

So where's the hate? Maybe it has something to do with this Super Treasure Hunt turning up at US dollar stores in large quantities, making it less rare/pricey/desirable. Just a theory. Maybe it's the teal color. I've been known to favor some pretty ugly colorways. Maybe people find the Demon just 'meh'. It's not a Datsun, a lifted pickup or something else hot. Underrated is the word that comes into my mind every time I pick this one up... Enjoy!

Happy Collecting!!

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