Monday, 16 January 2017

The Incredible Ford Broncos of Racing Champions Mint!

1980 isn't exactly the first year on the tip of a car enthusiast's tongue. When you think of great years for great American auto-makers, you probably think of years like '55, '64 or '69. When it comes to great American diecast replicas, however, 1980 is right where you need to be. The recent Racing Champions Mint 1980 Ford Broncos are incredible. They honestly look real. The details are astounding. The colors are factory and everything is dialed in.

Yeah, these 1980 Ford Broncos are as incredible as a 1/64 scale replica car from 1980 will ever be. Who the heck is Racing Champions Mint, anyways? A little background. Racing Champions Mint is produced by Round 2 models, the same company who puts out Johnny Lightning and Auto World. Way back when, Ertl owned Racing Champions, a line of 1/64 scale replica NASCAR racers. When Ertl wanted to expand into stock, street legal vehicles, they developed the Racing Champions Mint line. Japanese toy-maker Tomy purchased the rights to Racing Champions from Ertl. Round 2 models now licenses the trademarks and castings of the Racing Champions Mint line from Tomy.

Too complicated to wrap your head around? It doesn't matter, because Round 2 is the most collector-dedicated company out there right now. Auto World is spectacular and the revived Johnny Lightning and Racing Champions Mint brands are better than ever thanks to Round 2's obsessive dedication to quality and accurate detail replication. That means that all three Round 2 brands deliver quality diecast in 1/64 scale. While I tend to focus on Auto World, these 1980 Broncos from RCM are hotter than the LAPD on OJ's tail. (You knew an O.J. reference was coming...)

Yeah, I should be getting paid for promoting these things (don't ya think?) but the 1980 Bronco is so darn cool I can't find fault. Enjoy the photos and take a second to let me know which color is your favorite in the comments below!

Happy Collecting!!

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