Thursday, 5 January 2017

Throwback Thursday: Greenlight Motor World 'Ford Dealer' Diorama!

It's Thursday, so how about a little throwback? Here's a little Motor World diorama from Greenlight that came out in 2014. The Ford Dealership Diorama looks more like 5 cars in a box than a diorama because of how cramped the 5 cars are in the packaging. What better solution than to crack it open?

The gem of the bunch is the Green Machine Ford Escape, limited to just 40 pieces worldwide. The rest of the models are exceptional as well. In fact, these are some of the nicest Motor World models I've ever handled. Sure, they're all stock, modern cars. No cool muscle cars, no Hollywood licensing and no old V-Dubs. But the execution is phenomenal on all 5 of the models in this set. Look at the Ford Fusion. It's hard to find a blander car in 1/64 scale. But the execution is astounding. Every detail is remarkably intricate. The scale is impeccably accurate and the colorway is pure factory. I'm impressed to say the least.

The quality, realism and detail are pure perfection on the Motor Worlds in this set. It's easy to forget that Motor World is Greenlight's entry-level brand when looking at this set. Separate taillight and headlamp pieces and perfect accuracy are the hallmarks of the 5 Fords in this set. I've driven the Escape in real life, and looking inside the car, you can see that the interior is actually accurately modeled off of the real thing. The seats even have the same textured pattern as they do on the real car. Crazy. The 1956 Ford Pickup might be the nicest looking vehicle in the set, although the scale is a little off as it's a former 'High Speed' casting that Greenlight acquired the rights to. My only other minor complaint is the ride height on the Escape. The real car sits fairly low for an SUV while the Greenlight sits so high it's as tall as the much bigger Explorer.

Let's talk about Motor World Dioramas generally. I think they're a great way for Greenlight to keep their Motor World line alive. The Motor World singles feature generic packaging and a lot of repetition, while the dioramas find unique ways to repackage Motor World castings. Greenlight has also done a far better job with their dioramas recently. The themes are better, there are figurines, there's more space in the box so it looks more like a diorama and less like a storage box, and the casting choices are great. This Ford Dealership diorama isn't as good as some of the recent dioramas are, but the quality and execution of the cars inside it are fantastic. The look and feel of the cars somehow remind of TLV. Just a little bit. Enjoy...

Happy Collecting!!


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