Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Wagon Wednesday: Auto World and Matchbox Head-to-Head!

Okay, I'm cheating a little with my title. This Chevy Wagon duo isn't really going head-to-head. That would just be too apples-to-oranges. This 'Wagon Wednesday' post is more of a cool pairing than a serious comparison. Both are Chevy wagons. They're 10 years apart, with the Matchbox a '59 and the Auto World a '69. Both wagons are red and both have cool roof racks. I also think Matchbox and Auto World are tops in their respective price ranges right now. This is one clean pair!

The Kingswood from Auto World is undeniably beautiful. It's probably my favorite Auto World release ever. The Ultra Red paint makes an already fantastic casting extra nice. I've belabored the detailed awesomeness of this casting before, so I'll spare you this time. However, I will say that the lighting is a lot better than it was the last time I featured this piece, so maybe you'll notice a detail or two that you previously missed.

Compared to the Auto World Chevy Wagon, the Matchbox is a little smaller in scale. Yes, the '59 Chevy wagon really was smaller than the '69 Chevy Wagon in real life, but not quite that much smaller. But Matchbox is selling a $1 toy that has to fit in a 3'' blister, while Auto World is obsessively dedicated to exacting 1/64 scale perfection. To Matchbox's credit, the proportions are right. It's just a smaller scale. The canoe on top is fantastic. I've preached in the past about Matchbox doing 2 things well. First: Unique diecast. Second: Clean Diecast. The '59 Chevy wagon casting is a fusion of both.

I've heard a lot of complaints about the non-existent interior on the Matchbox. And while it does bug me from a philosophical standpoint, it doesn't actually detract from the car itself. In fact, I'd much rather have an epically cool canoe and roof rack on a $1 car and blacked out windows than an interior. Without the canoe, we lose the uniqueness that's become a Matchbox hallmark. So yeah, I'm a fan. You might not be a fan because of the missing interior (it annoys me a little too, honestly), but give this one a chance. Doesn't it look stellar next to that Auto World?


Happy Collecting!!

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