Monday, 20 February 2017

All 10 Greenlight 1967 Ford Custom Green Machines!

We all have that favorite casting from each brand. Sometimes it's hard to choose a favorite, while other times we have a run away winner. M2 is the Econoline van. Kyosho, the VW Golf GTI, Matchbox the Dodge A100 Pickup, and Hot Wheels? Forget it, I can't choose. When it comes to Greenlight, though, the 1967 Ford Custom is hands-down my favorite casting. Naturally, I set out to collect every Green Machine and regular release of this casting. I'm still one away on the regulars, but the Green Machines are up-to-date!

This is the first casting I have all the Green Machines of (castings with more than 1 or 2 releases). I far prefer the green bodied versions to their green-wheeled counterparts, and my favorites are the Bullitt taxi and the Country Roads Series 13 release. I don't have the cajones to open these yet, but I'll show them off packaged nonetheless. So why do I like this casting so much? It's a big old boat, first of all. I love these beefy old 4-doors and I think Greenlight executed this casting a little better than its other two 4-door beasts, the Chevy Biscayne/Impala and 1970's Dodge Monaco.

The '67 Ford Custom is a perfect casting. Bone stock, cop car, or taxi, this casting looks great. The proportions are right, and Greenlight always uses accurate decos and wheels/hubcaps for the era. It's got an opening hood and detailed engine bay too. The other big win for this casting is that it's a basic car in real life. How many Ford Galaxies have we seen in 1/64 scale? Tons. How many Ford Customs/500s? None, until now. Yeah, I know it's based on a Galaxie platform, but the Custom 500 was a stripped down, basic car for taxi companies and police forces. Ford also offered it to budget-crunching civilians. The more diecast companies go towards stock, civilian grocery-getters, the happier I am. Of course, I still love me a Camaro Z/28 or Mustang Shelby GT500, but for now let's appreciate this bone-stock workhorse--Green Machine style. Enjoy!

Hollywood Series 9

Hot Pursuit Series 16

Country Roads Series 13

Black Bandit Series 12

Hollywood Film Reels Series 3

Hitch & Tow Series 5

Hot Pursuit Series 17

Hot Pursuit Series 18

Hot Pursuit Series 20

Country Road Series 15

Group Shot

Happy Collecting!!

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