Monday, 13 February 2017

Casting-up-to-Date: Hot Wheels Cadillac Elmiraj!

I'm up-to-date on another casting. If you haven't seen the other castings I'm up-to-date on, you've gotta check 'em out here! I've been fascinated with the Hot Wheels Cadillac Elmiraj since day one. It's got that long, low profile common to the Cadillac coupes of the 1970's but with modern styling. Sleek, long and low, mean and classy are all words that come to mind when I see this casting.

So far it's been mainline only, but we've seen 6 releases in less than 3 years including the debut interior variation. When the Elmiraj debuted in the 2015 Hot Wheels lineup, it had a gray interior. Cadillac preferred a tan interior with that colorway, so a running change was made by the folks at Mattel. The result is an interior variation. The gray is the harder to find of the two, but I managed to find a few on the pegs.

The real life Elmiraj is a concept car that Cadillac unveiled at the 2013 Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach. It remains a concept car to-date, which is a shame because the concept really is quite unique. It's a pillar-less hardtop, something we don't see too often anymore and something that's certainly a nod to the Cadillac coupes of days past. It's a 2-door with seating for 4 and has over 500 ponies under the hood. The result is a beautiful piece of engineering. Sign me up.

Since you can't buy the concept-only Elmiraj, why not enjoy some $1 Hot Wheels replicas? They've done a fantastic and dare I say Matchbox-esque job on this casting! Enjoy...

Happy Collecting!!

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