Friday, 10 February 2017

TWDR Preview: Greenlight Club V-Dub Series 4!

Every so often, Greenlight releases a new series for us to collect. Sometimes it's gone quickly and only sees sporadic waves, while other times a series becomes a mainstay like GL Muscle, Hot Pursuit or Black Bandit. Club V-Dub was introduced last year, and thankfully, has become a Greenlight mainstay instead of a one-and-done. It's pretty crazy to think we're already at Series 4, which may as well be Series 5 thanks to a 6-car wave exclusive to M&J Toys somewhere in there.

As fantastic a series as Club V-Dub is, it's hard to have variety when Greenlight only has 2 Volkswagen castings plus 2 Motor World VW castings that sometimes make a surprise appearance. The castings are all air cooled bugs and buses. Series 4 was supposed to see things mixed up a bit with a brand new T2 Double Cab casting. Somehow that casting mustn't have been ready in time, because it's not present in Series 4. At least in my set, anyways.

Nonetheless, Greenlight still gets my attention with this release thanks to their ability to re-use the same casting over and over by tweaking it. The whole same-but-different thing gets me. Sure, we've seen the VW Bug dozens of times, but never as a taxi cab. And never in Gulf Racing livery. And only once with a surf board on top. Yet we see all 3 of those unique touches here. We've seen 8 or 10 Campmobiles now, but this is the first flower-power hippie-mobile. We've never seen a VW van firetruck either. But now we've got one, and it's got a ladder on top. The roof rack style on the green VW van is also new. We've only seen it once, on the latest Hitch and Tow release.

I have a love/hate with Greenlight repeating castings. It means I get to see castings I love a lot, it's cool seeing the same vehicle in so many applications and it allows Greenlight to stay financially solvent. However, I'd like to see more new tools and less repeats. Regardless of Greenlight's approach, this is a very cool 6-car set and the best Club V-Dub release to date! Enjoy...

Happy Collecting!!

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