Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Head-to-Head: Chase 1967 Mustangs from Greenlight and Auto World!

It's been a bit of Corvette overload on the blog lately (and I'm okay with that), but it's about time for some good old fashioned pony car for you Ford boys and gals. What better place to start than 1967. Perhaps my favorite year for the Mustang (1971 is up there too), calling the 1967 fastback an icon is an understatement. Made famous by the movie 'Bullitt', the 1967 fastback has one of the most recognizable vehicle profiles out there.

Let's compare separate chase pieces from the 2 most accurate 1/64 brands in North America: Greenlight and Auto World. The Ultra Red is the standard Mustang GT, while the Green Machine replicates the high performance GT500 which had a Shelby designed V8 under the hood with a few extra cubic inches than the standard V8. Car and Driver describes driving the GT500 like 'the chariot racing scene in Ben-Hur.' So yeah, both of these cars replicate beastly originals, but since these are engine-less miniatures, let's focus on scale, design and quality.

The size of each model is remarkably similar. The Auto World is undoubtedly perfect 1/64 scale and the Greenlight is almost identical in terms of ride height, width and proportion. The only noticeable difference is that the Greenlight is a little longer. Remember, though, that these cars aren't identical in real life either. When it comes to quality, the Auto World is flawless and the Greenlight is nearly on par. Auto World tends to be better quality overall than Greenlight, however these two models are pretty close. That's not a knock on Greenlight either, Auto World is just that good.

The Ultra Red does get some extra detailing over the Greenlight. A textured grille, front and rear license plates, and extra taillight details are all present on the Auto World and missing on the Greenlight. The paint quality also looks a little higher on the Auto World. I'm nitpicking here, as it's hard to say one of these Mustangs is nicer than the other. They make a fun little pairing and it's tough to knock either piece. If the Greenlight is a 9/10, the Auto World is a 9.5. Either way, they're both fantastic chase pieces that will remain in the collection. Which do you prefer? Enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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