Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Chase vs. Regular: Greenlight US Army Diorama Part I...

I haven't been posting as much on the blog lately, and that's a shame. Since things have been slow around here, I'm coming back with a 2-part feature on the regular and raw chase Greenlight US Army dioramas. There's too much to feature in just one post, so you get double content on this one.

Greenlight releases themed Motor World dioramas that range from Ford dealerships to campsites. They're not complex dioramas by any means, and the only diorama factor is the scene painted on the backing of the box and once in awhile some rubberized plastic figurines. While the detail factor isn't off the charts, it's really fun to get 4 or 5 themed vehicles that go together all at once and in one box for under $20 bucks.

Because of the Motor World moniker, nearly all of the vehicles in this US Army diorama have a plastic base. The Ford Bronco is the lone holdout. This is a great diorama thanks to the excellent casting choice and the vintage-military deco on the Bronco and Biscayne. This set includes the perennial fan-favorite, the 1st-gen. Ford Bronco, the 1967 Chevy Biscayne, one of the beefy '60's saloons Greenlight has built their brand on, the Chevy Silverado, which is the best-cast truck in Greenlight's lineup, the pop-top Jeep Wrangler and finally the straggling Chevy Cruze.

While I couldn't care less for the Cruze, the Biscayne and Bronco are both instant winners and the Silverado is quite nice also, if not at least fascinating in an all-camo deco. Oh, and what's a military base without a good Jeep? My one complaint with this set are the quality issues I encountered. This particular diorama must've been a dud, because for the first time I experienced some serious quality problems with Greenlight. Thankfully, the raw chase set didn't have the same issues and I convinced Toys 'R Us to give me 40% off on this one.

The Biscayne was 'unspun', with the body floating around the box, while the light bar was broken on the Cruze and the front bumper broke off the Jeep when I attempted to correct its odd angle. Quality issues aside, this is one of the meanest dioramas Greenlight has done! Enjoy the photos...

Happy Collecting!!

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