Sunday, 12 March 2017

Greenlight Hitch and Tow Racing from M&J Toys Cranks it Up a Notch!

Everyone knows how fantastic the Greenlight Hitch & Tow line is. Greenlight takes their heavy-duty vehicles, pickup trucks, sedans, Broncos, you-name-it and pairs them with a realistic looking trailer. The trailers feature everything from donut stands to pop-up tent-trailers to car haulers. The biggest plus with this series is that the trailers and the vehicles that pull them are all 1/64 scale and feature working trailer hitches and trailer stands.

The popularity of Greenlight's Hitch & Tow line has spawned new lines along the way. A few months back, Greenlight introduced the Hollywood Hitch & Tow Series which just saw its 2nd wave of vehicles released. M&J Toys recently got an exclusive mix of Hitch & Tow Racing vehicles for their MiJo Exclusive line of cars. M&J came up with the concept and Greenlight put it into action. While it's an exclusive set, I really hope Greenlight picks it up and makes it permanent or that M&J continues with the theme.

Why? Because Hitch & Tow Racing is fantastic. While the standard releases aren't always themed, in this mix, the trailers, cars and trucks all have matching decos. This was meant to be a 4 release set. Somehow the Goodyear-themed Nissan GT-R pack hasn't made it to market yet, and no one seems to know whether it will or not. That leaves us with a Gulf Racing-themed Ford F-150 pulling a Ford Bronco atop a flat-bed ramp trailer, a Shell decorated Chevy Silverado towing a Camaro in a car-hauler and a Mopar-themed Dodge Ram towing a Dodge Charger inside a car-hauler.

I passed on the Mopar release, but will review the two petrol-themed releases today. I'm really excited about these releases because the vehicles on the back make these more interesting than the standard Hitch & Tow's and the detail seems to be a little bit beyond the norm, even for Greenlight. The Gulf Racing trailer gets astounding touches like Gulf logos on the fender flairs that easily could've been skipped. Same goes for the Gulf logo on the Bronco's spare tire. The Shell set spares no details either. The pickup truck gets safety equipment in the back for just the 2nd time ever, and boy, is that equipment ever intricately detailed. The side mirrors are painted on both trucks and tampo-work covers nearly every inch of the Shell Camaro and car-hauler.

All of the vehicles roll well and the Bronco and Camaro both get opening hoods. The value for your money is also pretty good on these. At under $20 a pop, you get essentially 3 pieces (truck, trailer, car/4x4) and each piece is matching, insanely detailed and high quality. Oh, and everything is diecast metal except for the body on the car-hauler. Not bad. Enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!!


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