Thursday, 13 April 2017

First Look: 2017 Auto World Premium Release 2!

With waves A-D of 2017 Auto World Premium Release 1 already in the books, Premium Release 2A is set to debut in stores next month. To whet your appetite for the upcoming set, here's a little preview for you.

First, we'd like to send a massive thank you to Round 2 for sending us the case to preview. This might just be the best case of Auto World Premium releases yet. The first thing that catches your eye in this mix is the variety of the models you get in a 6 car set: a big station wagon, a classic racing car, a 2017 pony car, a Cadillac yacht (don't dare call it a car), and a pair of 1960's muscle. Talk about variety in a 6-car mix.

The next thing that impresses with this mix are the little changes Auto World has put into their releases. I hear concerns/suggestions about nearly every diecast company out there, and recently someone said to me that they wished Auto World would tool up some new castings. Of course I love new castings too, and I know they're on their way, but for a mix with no new castings all 6 of these releases feel incredibly fresh. The 1969 Chevy Kingswood Estate gets real, wood-grain paneling for the first time. This is only the 2nd Ford GT40 release and the first Auto World to get Gulf Racing colors. The 2017 Mustang gets some subtle but important details for the first time to make it 2017 Mustang-accurate. Let's just say nothing here is old-hat by any means.

Alright, enough chit-chat let's get to the cars. When I thought about reviewing these I planned to do them favorite to least-favorite. That was a good idea for about 2 seconds before I realized that it was a 4-way tie for my favorite from the case. Yup, it's pretty darn hard to pick a favorite from Premium Release 2A. Instead, let's talk about what each model does well.

First up is the 1965 Ford GT40. From the minute the Gulf-livery was previewed on this casting I was all ears. In person, it doesn't disappoint. There are no actual Gulf Racing tampos on this release, but boy is it ever refreshing to see Gulf Racing colors on a car that actually wore the livery in real life. As per the norm with Auto World, the scale on the GT40 is spot on. It's dwarfed by the Chevy Kingswood Estate Wagon, making you realize just how off some brands are in scaling Ford GT40s.

Another favorite from the case is the 1967 Ford Mustang GT. The Mustang is the unsung hero of the mix. There are so many 1st-gen. Mustangs from nearly every diecast brand on the market that my brain just tunes them out now. So before I opened up the case, I'd entirely forgotten the Mustang. Suffice it to say I was shocked at how beautiful this piece is. This is actually my favorite 1st-gen. Mustang I own. While there are hundreds of 1/64 scale 1st-gens out there, few are as accurate and classy as this one. No detail is spared, and the color choice is fantastic, especially with a matching interior.

The 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS is quiet in this mix. You know you have a good mix of cars when a Chevelle SS isn't the first thing that jumps out at you. That doesn't mean it isn't gorgeous. It's sleek and subtle, but stunning.

Auto World just made their best casting even better with the realistic wood-grain paneling on the 1969 Chevy Kingswood Estate. The Kingswood is a hulking casting, although it's actually slightly smaller than the Cadillac Eldorado from this mix. The added details on this model are really noticeable from headlights and taillights to hubcap emblems and a roof rack. It's tough not to like this wagon. Really tough.

The 1967 Cadillac Eldorado is another contender for top spot in the case. If you're a fan of '70's and '80's gangster flicks like me, you'll like this car. Plus, it's absolutely massive. And it's all metal. The off-white, cream color is just perfect for such a luxury yacht. This is only the second time we've seen this casting (it was done in 2 different colors back in Release 3), so it's return is welcomed (and flawless)!

Finally, there's the 2017 Ford Mustang GT. If I was forced to pick a least favorite from the bunch this is it. That doesn't mean it's not a painstakingly detailed and perfectly executed piece. It's one of those cars that you could drive down to your local Ford dealership and check out. Another hallmark of Auto World's attention to perfection is that they use correct-to-the-real-thing interior and exterior colors on nearly all of their releases, and when they do a fantasy color once in awhile, they let us collectors know. So while the silver/red scheme isn't my favorite color combo, I admire the realism. Oh, and the under-the-hood detailing on this Mustang is some of the best I've seen on any 1/64 scale release out there.

If that was a little long winded, I apologize, but there's a ton to talk about with this release. Don't even bother trying to buy these one-by-one. Get the whole case because none of the models are worth skipping out on. Enjoy!


Happy Collecting!!

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  1. The "regular" Autoworld Ford GT 40 in Gulf livery (shown above) is beautiful and period correct, the chase variation is...disgusting to say the least.