Tuesday, 18 April 2017

2017 Hot Wheels 'G' Case Highlights!

It's been a little while since we brought you the 2017 Hot Wheels 'F' case highlights, but today we got our hands on a 'G' case at Wal-Mart and an 'H' case at Toys 'R Us. The 'H' case was pretty picked over, but with cases hitting, we'll have 'H' case highlights for you soon, too. For now, to the 'G' case.

If you're wondering if certain 'G' case models are missing, the case highlights only include cars that are new to that case code. You'll find the repeat models you're looking for in previous case highlights, right here:

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The 2017 Hot Wheels 'G' case isn't a loaded case code by any stretch of the imagination. Check out the 'E' case for what a loaded case looks like. That doesn't mean the 'G' case is a dud, either. There are 2 models that deserve significant attention from this case. The first and most obvious is the understated debut of what's bound to be a future superstar casting: The Porsche 934.5. The minimalist deco scheme is just what the doctor ordered. The 2nd standout in this case is the '67 Chevy C10. The C10 is one of Hot Wheels' best pickup trucks, yet it doesn't get the attention the '62 Chevy, Datsun 620 and '83 Silverado do. The C10 deserves that attention. Especially in a gleaming purple color scheme with Hoosier tampos. If you find the Super Treasure Hunt version, more power to you. But the regular release suffices quite well itself.

Other noteworthy 2017 Hot Wheels 'G' case releases include a sophomore re-color of the recently minted, Momo-emblazoned VW Kafer Racer, an eye-popping Lamborghini Veneno in lime green and the long-awaited return of what is quite literally an old flame for many collectors: the '32 Ford.

Porsche 934.5

'32 Ford

Volkswagen Kafer Racer

Winning Formula

Chevy Silverado


Lamborghini Countach

'67 Chevy C10

Lamborghini Veneno

HW Pursuit (Regular TH)

Happy Collecting!!

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