Sunday, 2 April 2017

Is the K5 Blazer Worth the Price of Admission? Matchbox Jungle Mission 5 Pack.

It's time for another 5-pack review. Today, it's the new-for-2017 Matchbox Jungle Mission 5-Pack. The Jungle/military themed set was released alongside the recently reviewed fire/rescue themed Matchbox 5-pack. 

I'll be honest, I only bought this 5-pack for the Chevy K-5 Blazer. Was one basic Matchbox car worth the $5 price of admission? My answer is yes. Not because the K-5 is so nice it warrants spending $5 on it, but it will be tough to get down the road for $5. Shipping alone on a Matchbox car these days sets you back at least $5 on eBay.

So sure, the Blazer is a tough, mean casting, but what about the others in the set? The only other licensed model in the set is the International CXT. It's okay, but nothing about it particularly jumps out at me. The final 3 models in the set are fantasy models, but they're perfect for the kids. Collectors? Not so much. Matchbox does pack some value into this pack however, with moving parts featured on all 3 of the fantasy models! What is this, 1990?! The Rapids Rescue comes with a removable raft and is actually a model I'm keeping in my collection. It goes in the weird-but-cool pile. The Mauler Hauler is just ugly in my books but the cage on the back tilts open. The inner kid in me loves the Attack Track with a real shooting missile. I bet it's only a matter of time before the politically correct types ruin our fun with this model, but for now enjoy it along with the rest of the photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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