Saturday, 8 April 2017

Chase vs. Regular: Greenlight Forest Service Ford F-150!

It's time for another post in our chase vs. regular series. Today, let's look at a vehicle from last fall's Greenlight Campsite Cruisers diorama: the Ford F-150 pickup. The F-150 casting came out in late 2013 and has seen over 20 releases since its debut.

This time around, the Greenlight Ford F-150 gets a licensed US Forest Service livery and an aqua/seafoam green paint scheme. Greenlight uses a brighter, more blueish green than the pale green used on licensed Matchbox US Forest Service liveries. The regular version looks quite nice in the licensed livery and accurate color scheme.

While the clear coat on the raw chase F-150 has a real gleam to it, I still prefer the standard issue to the chase version of this release. The green tires on the chase are a little goofy and the accuracy of the US Forest Service livery is lost on the raw variant of this release. Nonetheless, the raw chase piece is a worthy pickup and a must-have for any Greenlight Ford F-150 completist.

I do have a couple of complaints with the Campsite Cruisers diorama Ford F-150s generally, chase or not. First, because Greenlight dioramas are labelled 'Motor World', Greenlight tooled up a plastic base for the F-150 casting that normally takes a metal base. The result is a slightly cheap feel to the truck. Secondly, the front axle is too wide on this truck and if you don't position it just right, the tires poke out of the fender flares. I assume this issue has something to do with the plastic base, because it's not a problem I've encountered on my metal-based Greenlight Ford F-150s. 

Despite the minor flaws, you get a highly detailed, accurately scaled and nicely liveried Ford F-150 with the Greenlight Campsite Cruisers diorama, regardless of whether you grab the regular version or manage to score the raw chase piece. Enjoy!

Happy Collecting!!

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