Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Best Looking Gulf Greenlight Yet? A Brand New Corvette C6R...

As you've probably noticed, Greenlight is really taking advantage of their Gulf Racing licensing agreement. The folks over at Greenlight seem to be slapping the powder blue/orange livery on nearly anything with  4 wheels lately.

Some of you are probably sick of this whole Gulf thing by now. If you're not sick of it, you're probably wondering why not one single Gulf Racing release from Greenlight features a car that actually wore the livery in real life. While I'm wondering the same, I'm enjoying putting together a complete Greenlight Gulf  Racing collection. The livery is pretty to look at regardless of whether the miniature vehicle actually wore it in real life.

The latest addition to the Greenlight Gulf Racing arsenal changes things. The 2009 Chevrolet Corvette C6R actually featured a Gulf Racing livery in real life. That's reason #1 that the Vette is the best Gulf Greenlight to-date. Reason #2 the C6R rocks is that it's an early Greenlight casting that hasn't been used in years, and now it's back in fine form. Reason #3 is the detail on this model. There's deco on every corner and it's not distracting. It works with the theme instead of detracting from the overall presentation. The level of detail on the C6R and touches like separate headlamp lenses give the model a really high-end feel. The base is all metal and smooth like a real racing car's base. The faux-carbon fiber spoiler is another nice touch that showcases Greenlight's attention to detail.

What do you think? Is this Greenlight's best Gulf Racing release to-date? The photos should settle any doubts. Enjoy...

Happy Collecting!!

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