Sunday, 9 April 2017

Surf's Up! Greenlight Malibu Surf Shop Diorama...

The Malibu Surf Shop Diorama is one of the best Motor World Dioramas Greenlight has done to-date. 4 of 5 castings are full-fledged Greenlight castings, including both of the VW Beetles. The Volkswagen Samba Bus is the only Motor World casting, but it gets some extra love with a surfboard rack up top. The campmobile goes seriously retro with a disgusting mustard yellow paint scheme, burgundy pop-up fabric and wood grain paneling. Disgusting? Yes. Beautiful? Also, yes. The Type 2 Bus is the final van in the set, and boy is it colorful. The bright orange paint and palm tree-themed deco along with the wooden surfboards atop make the Bus the defining piece in the diorama.

The vans are all winners, including the somewhat out-of-scale Motor World Samba Bus. What about the bugs? Like with the vans, Greenlight has 2 standard VW Beetle castings. There's a Motor World casting and a standard casting, the Split Window Beetle, assigned casting number 'GL089'. The 2 are tough to tell apart unless you look at the rear window. The Split Window is the better casting of the Greenlight Beetles and is used for both of the bugs in this diorama. It gets opening boot and bonnet and is slightly smaller (more accurate scale) than the Motor World casting. In other words, I'm glad the casting was used for both Kafers in this diorama.

Like all 3 vans, both Beetles get added roof features. The seafoam green model gets a faux-metal roof rack and the baby blue model gets a rag-top addition. Greenlight packed a lot of value into the Motor World Malibu Surf Shop Diorama, with 5 vehicles, 4 of which are full fledged Greenlight castings and all 5 of which have extra features. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the spare tire detail on the front of the Type 2 bus. Check it out! Enjoy...

Happy Collecting!!

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