Monday, 3 April 2017

Chase vs. Regular: Greenlight Summer Festival Diorama Part 1...

I don't know about you, but 'Chase vs. Regular' is probably my favorite series of blog posts. Comparing the differences between basic and chase versions of diecast is a rewarding exercise. You get to decide which piece looks better, determine how subtle the differences are between the 2 pieces and you get an instant dynamic duo that can be displayed together.

Today, we're comparing chase and regular versions of an entire diorama. The 2016 Greenlight Summer Festival diorama comes in a standard version and a 'raw chase' version where each vehicle is unpainted. Last time we did a 2-part series on the Greenlight Army diorama, we started out with the regular version first. This time, let's have our pudding before we've had our meat and get straight to the raw chase versions.

Summer Festival is one of the better dioramas Greenlight has released. It gets 3 vinyl figurines in 1/64 scale, a trio of air-cooled Volkswagens and a mad cool opening tear-drop trailer. The tear drop trailer was a new casting when this diorama dropped. Despite being a MotorWorld diorama, the Beetle is the only actual MotorWorld casting in the diorama. Both Type 2 vans are full fledged Greenlight castings despite being retrofitted with plastic bases.

The 1979 Type 2 Campmobile is possibly the most perfectly replicated Campmobile Greenlight has released to date. It gets the retro striping, a spare tire up front with a VW logo on it and the pop-top opens screen-forward, something we don't get too often when Greenlight does the campmobile from earlier years. The Type 2 bus is also fantastic, and looks even better raw.

While I definitely enjoy raw chase pieces, they're not the 'be all and end all' for me. Some collectors really go wild with the raw stuff. For me, it suits certain pieces and allows me to fully appreciate and compare castings without the distraction of gaudy colorways. If that's a good enough reason to hunt down raw chase sets, count me in.

Enjoy the photos and keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of our Greenlight Summer Festival diorama comparo!

Happy Collecting!!

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