Monday, 3 April 2017

Chase vs. Regular: Greenlight Summer Festival Diorama Part 2...

Earlier today we featured the raw chase version of the Greenlight Summer Festival diorama. In this post, we'll take a look at the plain-Jane version of the diorama.

Raw chase or not, the Greenlight Summer Festival diorama is an automatic winner. I think this non-chase diorama is actually nicer than the raw chase set. Why? Sure, it's a lot less limited than the chase version, but the regular set is brighter, more colorful and better embodies the whole summertime-theme thing. Plus, the green tires on the chase versions look downright goofy.

The standard-fare Greenlight Summer Festival Diorama gets vehicles with proper black tires, including a lime green VW Type 2 Campmobile, a baby blue Type 2 Bus and a white/navy blue Motor World VW Beetle. There's also a vintage tear-drop camping trailer with a opening feature (check out the detail under there!!) and 3 rubber/vinyl/plastic figurines.

The little camping folks are a cool touch but they don't do anything for me. The vehicles in the set, on the other hand, are phenomenal. The Campmobile is downright beautiful. In fact, it has to be my favorite campmobile released by Greenlight to-date. It's got the whole ugly-is-the-new-beautiful thing down pat and the details are stunning. The Type 2 bus is a little simpler, but the muted cool factor is definitely there. The VW Beetle benefits from a mad rad roof rack and surf board and I don't even need to go into why the tear-drop trailer is neat-o.

Enjoy the photos and check out the raw chase versions here!

Happy Collecting!!

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