Friday, 7 April 2017

Official Car Culture 'Race Day' Preview Over at

Photo Credit: Mattel Inc.
If you head over to, you'll get access to weekly sneak peeks, even if you're not an RLC (Red Line Club) member. Today, Mattel provided collectors with official previews of the upcoming Hot Wheels Car Culture 'Race Day' mix.

You've all seen the unofficial sneak peeks by now, but these official ones are a lot better quality. Everyone, including me, is pretty excited for the next wave of Car Culture. One of the big reasons is the debut of a new wheel style on the Porsche 962 and 935/78. Another good reason to check this set out is a new Porsche casting: the 962. The Porsche 914 and Acura NSX get metal bases fore the first time ever and the Mazda RX-3 is making just its 2nd appearance in the Hot Wheels stable. Enjoy!

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Happy Collecting!!

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