Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Close but Different: 2013 Mainline vs. 2017 Multipack Matchbox Porsche Cayenne...

A friend posted a new Matchbox 10-pack assortment on Instagram the other day and I was sure the 2017 multipack-exclusive Matchbox Porsche Cayenne Turbo looked nearly identical to the 2013 Matchbox mainline Porsche Cayenne. The two looked so similar that I almost thought it might be a repack. A couple days later there were about ten red Cayennes at my local Walmart. I decided to buy the multipack and do a comparison so we could clear up any confusion.

The reality is that the 2013 and 2017 Matchbox Porsche Cayenne Turbos are nearly identical in many ways. The interior, window 'glass' and wheels are identically shared by both models. There are some distinct differences, though. First, the color is distinctly different between the two models, although an untrained eye might confuse them. The 2013 is a dark maroon/burgundy color, while the 2017 Matchbox multipack exclusive is a much brighter red with definite orange hues. Secondly, the tailgates are detailed differently. The 2013 release gets a 'Turbo'-lettered license plate, while the 2017 release comes sans-license plate but has white trim below the rear window. The third, and least obvious difference between the Matchbox Cayenne pair are the minor differences molded into the respective bases.

If you're a Matchbox Porsche Cayenne collector, the color difference is distinct enough to warrant picking up the 2017 Matchbox multipack exclusive even if you already have the 2013 version. The other differences between the Cayennes aren't overly noteworthy. Compare the photos and decide for yourself! Enjoy...

Happy Collecting!!

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  1. Both are nice, I personally prefer the older release because of the darker colour and the license plate. My favourites though are the Matchbox SuperFast variations, I have the black one and the rarer cream colour one.