Sunday, 30 April 2017

Racing Champions Mint 1980 Ford Bronco: 2017 Release 1 Versions C and D Impress!

Auto World might be the best thing in 1/64 scale diecast right now, but Racing Champions Mint, another Round 2 brand, is nothing to sneeze at either. While I laud the perfect scale of the Round-2 designed Auto World castings, Round 2 has also revived some older Racing Champions Mint castings in fine fashion.

The 1980 Ford Broncos of 2017 Release 1 are a prime example of the quality Round 2 passes along in the Racing Champions Mint line. It's difficult to fathom that these release C and D Broncos are the same casting Ertl used when it owned the brand. The bumper to bumper details, engine bay and accurate liveries are super high quality. Plus, when is a Ford Bronco ever not cool?

I'll let the pictures say the rest. Enjoy...

Happy Collecting!!


  1. you're right, they look great! they're doing a great job with RC. i even found a Roadrunner that looks amazing, from their Mint line.

  2. Nice models. A shame I cannot see them on Instagram. The light bar on these are iffy, but the rest if the model is great. I do not have the black one, but do have the blue. These are really limited too. Let me know when you want to talk.

  3. I am very fond of collecting small model cars for my display. These cars will be indeed a good addition to my collection. Will get to purchase them as soon as possible.